Where kids should play when at the Casino

The best bet would be to leave them at grandma’s with a bunch of good activities and some nutritious snacks.

BUT that’s if life was perfect

Perhaps you’d like to roll a few, try your luck or play the slots and the kids need to tag along then here are a few options that most casino’s offer when playing.

1. STAY AT HOME – This is the best bet. If the kids have to join the tour of the casino there’s no real good company for them there so stay in. You can still do some incredible online gambling, … Read the rest

Playgrounds Part 5

Here we have¬†focused on pre-school playgrounds, that we love, to give you ideas for your outdoor play area. We love natural play areas for their inventiveness and as they do not have to cost a million dollars. They are also proven to support imaginative play, reduce stress and encourage love of the natural world¬†and help develop language and collaboration skills. Outdoor environments are also important to children’s development of independence and sense of wonder.

Play spaces collage

It is important to look at your ideas from a child’s eye level and also really consider what the children you are designing for Read the rest