Best Online Games for Kids

Best Online Games for Kids

Kids spend hours in front of a screen and are most likely playing games, but what do you know about these games? Here are some of the best online games for kids that are kid friendly and educational.



Poptropica is developed by the Family Education Network and works on Mac and PC. It is aimed at kids from age 6 to 15.

Poptropica is a virtual world for kids. It is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. The players will travel to different islands to complete quests, play games and other interactive … Read the rest

The Fun of Horse Racing for All

The Fun of Horse Racing for All

horse racing

If you love horse racing for the thrill and also if you are a betting person the anticipation and excitement that you get from watching the horses then you can make it into a fun family or friend day out.

There are many reasons why you should consider going to the horse track according to

If you are planning a stag do then going to the horse races is a great alternative to the usual. Likewise if you are planning a hen do then you and your friends can get all dressed … Read the rest

Where kids should play when at the Casino

The best bet would be to leave them at grandma’s with a bunch of good activities and some nutritious snacks.

BUT that’s if life was perfect

Perhaps you’d like to roll a few, try your luck or play the slots and the kids need to tag along then here are a few options that most casino’s offer when playing.

1. STAY AT HOME – This is the best bet. If the kids have to join the tour of the casino there’s no real good company for them there so stay in. You can still do some incredible online gambling, … Read the rest